OES™ Products and Systems


Renewable energy:

  • Solar and wind generated energy
  • On-grid and off-grid storage scenarios
  • Works with all form of electricity generation


  • No ventilation needed, no off gassing
  • Thermal stability
  • OES, Inc. uses the least polluting rechargeable battery technology – no fumes, leaking or discharge and no chemicals or acids to worry about.
  • EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields)- The OES2™ emits a small amount of EMFs within one foot from the unit. There are none when the unit is off.
  • RoHS compliant


  • Made with recyclable, non hazardous materials; environmentally benign in its manufacture and disposal per U.S. government
  • At the end of it useful life you can send your product back to Ojai Energy Systems, Inc. and we will recycle the components for further use.


  • Designed to be maintenance free over the long life of the unit.

Life cycle:

  • LibertyPak products are designed for a 2000 - 4000 cycle life before any capacity is lost. If you discharge/recharge an OES2™ product to 100% depth of discharge once a day it will last up to 10.9 years before loosing incremental capacity. This is the conservative stance.


  • Negligible self discharge
  • Negligible internal heat gain
  • No off gassing
  • 90% percent depth of discharge (designed)
  • Up to eight times the cycle life of other battery types
  • Fast charging capabilities


  • Designed, assembled and warranted in the USA
  • Small footprint, modular, scalable system
  • Compatible with varying voltage, current, size and weight applications
  • Designed to reduce energy cost, extend life of appliances and motors
  • Provides back-up and emergency power during power failures or maintenance of renewable energy sources
  • Offers surge protection and acts as an uninterruptible power supply