June 18th, 2013: OES presents the new case design for our OES2 Storage and Management Systems! Provide your customers with the means to protect their family, home and business from power outages with efficient, non-toxic energy dense backup power for 10+ years with the OES2!


Third Party Testing and Endorsement:

The OES3 24 Volt battery with Electronic BMS has been thoroughly tested and found to be “Safe for Use” by the Department of the Army, United States Army Evaluation Center, January 2012.

California Center for Sustainable Energy – CCSE – Energy Storage and Management with solar application


Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Boundless Energy is designed to teach visitors about the science, benefits, and challenges of harnessing wind energy and the benefits of energy storage for times when the wind doesn’t blow….

USGBC – US Green Building Council

Energy storage and management for commercial and residential applications

FEMA - Responder Knowledge Base

Portable battery powered plug and play units approved by FEMA’s Responder Knowledge Base


February 20th, 2013: Oscar night is usually a red carpet event, but for Ojai Energy Systems, it was a green carpet extravaganza... the OES3 demonstrated how electric cars can be charged up with clean, efficient batteries powered by the sun! Check out Global Green USA's website!